Once you get to know the Evolution Mats, the rest will be just rubber.

EVOLUTION Roll up Mats are the first mats developed exclusively for Martial Arts Academies and with unparalleled quality, with a longer lifespan than ordinary E.V.A or any other mats. EVOLUTION Mats are the best sports mats in the world, used in International Tournaments, Olympic Games, present in the best Federations and academies in the world.

By equipping your gym/school with EVOLUTION Mats, you will be providing your students with the highest technology on mats worldwide.

  • Connection

    With a revolutionary built-in Velcro connection system, your mats area will have a smooth and virtually perfect surface preventing accidents and finger sprains. It has no gaps to accumulate dirt, thus offering more safety and hygiene, minimizing the risk of transmission of bacteria, infections and skin mycoses.

  • Absorption

    Manufactured with a vinyl surface bonded to Foam (cross-linked polyethylene foam), using advanced heat techniques, used to adhere the vinyl to the foam.Made with the latest high-density foam technology that is extremely lightweight while maintaining maximum shock absorption and resilience.

  • Cleaning & Care

    With their smooth tatami surface, Evolution MATS/PADS/COLUMNS are very easy and practical to clean, taking just a few minutes to be sanitized, leaving a pleasant environment and minimizing the risk of transmission of bacteria, infections and skin mycoses.
    It Does not accumulate bad smell, and does not absorb sweat

  • Versatility

    Ideal for stan up traning on the ground and takedowns with total safety, thus having a great versatility of use that allows from the practice of Yoga, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo to the most intense MMA training.